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2009-05-27 20:25:28 by Cris-Fox

Well... Hello Newgrounds, I was updating my NG profile recently, because I feel like I should... It would not be nice if I had the ugliest profile when I'm the artist from a Power of Three team. Our team will be named "3guys1game" -rolleyes-

Team members are:
Programmer : Sonucais
Musician : iR2-X
Artist : Cris-Fox

Maybe I will be more active on NG after this game. :) I hope it.
well, this jounal has arrived to the end, Cya next tiem Newgrounds.
here's a recent picture.

Updating & News


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2009-08-30 04:16:54

It seems like a very interesting combo. Good luck to all three of you.


2010-05-02 00:06:11

Is power of three still open?


2011-09-20 18:40:33